Simple gestures. Mighty changes.


To a memorial for José Ibarra,
Champion Bicyclist


One day in the early 1940’s, a man donated a bicycle to a young boy in need. This ordinary act, while common for you and I, was exceedingly uncommon for the boy. You see, he was from a poor home where, since nine years old, he was forced to provide for his mother and siblings.

The boy lived in one of the largest cities in Mexico—Morelia, Michoacan. Despite Morelia being one of the most beautiful cities in the nation, for a young boy inspiration was scarce and dreaming was his only escape. Little did he know that this simple gesture—a donated bicycle—would become the catalyst for a journey beyond his wildest expectations.

At sunrise he would walk miles to the largest open-air market in the center of the city. Every morning he worked carrying and delivering groceries for the women shopping there to earn the little that he could. He had a regular route that took him passed a little bicycle shop where the owner stood sweeping the sidewalk each morning.

The boy was too shy to greet the owner at first but when he finally built up the courage the owner asked him to come back after his deliveries and sweep the shop. The boy agreed and returned every day thereafter.

Over time the owner gave him more and more tasks, even teaching him how to repair bicycles. The owner saw how hard the boy worked and began to care for him. The owner soon realized that the boy was having issues at home so he asked the boy if he needed a place to stay. The boy refused because he had no money to exchange.

Nevertheless, the owner made him a deal—fix two bicycles a day and he can have the little room in the back. The boy accepted and the first night he fixed four bicycles! The next night, another six.

At the age of twelve, the young boy finally had enough trust to share his own dream with the owner. The boy hesitantly approached him and said, "I want to be a bicyclist." The owner himself hesitated, thought for a moment, then told the boy how hard it would be and how fierce the competition would be. The boy was not discouraged yet seemingly more confident.

The next morning when the boy awoke, the owner stood in the center of the shop waiting for him with a bicycle in his hands. “This is for you,” the man said. “You will take this bicycle and become a champion.”

The boy took that bicycle and began chasing his dream. He rode it every day, he kept disciplined, and trained very hard. At the age of 16, he won his first championship. All because of that simple gesture he became a champion bicyclist with the world at his fingertips.

The young boy’s name was José Ibarra and he is my grandfather.

In his memory and to continue his timeless legacy, we founded an organization focused on community outreach and health education in impoverished areas. Through his passing The Mighty Bicycle Foundation was born. The Mighty Bicycle symbolizes the strength of an ordinary gesture and the impact it can have on underprivileged youth, their parents, their community, and—most importantly—their future.


The Mighty Bicycle’s mission is to honor the memory of Mr. José Ibarra—champion bicyclist, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather—by implementing programs focused in community outreach and health education in impoverished communities.


Following the example of Mr. Ibarra’s bigheartedness and humility, The Mighty Bicycle Foundation is to become a beacon of hope and well-being. The Mighty Bicycle Foundation rewards hardworking, underprivileged youth, and promotes the practice of healthy-living habits to sustain a long, fulfilling life.


The Mighty Bicycle’s purpose is to nurture neighborhood togetherness and raise health risk awareness in deprived communities. Programs such as award ceremonies for young overachievers; educational campaigns for diabetes prevention; and fundraising events for research towards a cure for pancreatic cancer.


The Mighty Bicycle does not have a board of directors, we have a board of champions. All of which have their eyes and their hearts set on the finish line. The Mighty Bicycle’s Board of Champions are composed of highly dedicated, motivated professionals focused on the objectives and goals of the foundation. Each have their own talents and skills to bring to the table. Each have their own experiences that make the foundation their own personal mission. Those skills and that drive sets us apart from other organizations.

José Ibarra

Champion Cyclist, 1932 - 2013
Giancarlo Ibarra

Giancarlo Ibarra

Co-Founder & President
Kamila Ibarra

Kamila Ibarra

Co-Founder & Vice President


on a national level

High School Graduates
in Low Income Areas
High School Graduates
Scoring Proficient in Math
Million Americans
With Prediabetes in 2016
More than 1 in 3 Adults
Death by Pancreatic
Cancer Within 5 Years
of Diagnosis


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Thank you for visiting us and taking the time to learn more about The Mighty Bicycle Foundation. Contact us if you have any questions or comments. Please remember to donate, sponsor, or volunteer. May José Ibarra be proud of us all and may he rest in paradise.